Create dynamic web pages with PHP and PDO

Download free training document to learn how to create a web pages using MySQL, PHP and PDO .Course material, tutorial training, PDF file on 11 pages intended to beginners by Paul DuBois.

The PHP Data Objects (PDO) defines an excellent interface to access a PHP database. Each database driver that implements the PDO interface can use specific features of each of the databases using extension functions. Note that you can not perform any database functions using the PDO extension by itself; you must use a specific PDO drivers to the database to access the database server.

Plan de cours

  • Introduction
  • All are extensions
  • What is PDO?
  • Why PDO not another?
  • Still in development
  • Prepared statements
  • What is a prepared statement?
  • Why prepared statements?
  • Prepared statements are more secure, really?
  • Practice, use PDO
  • Establish a connection with PDO
  • Without prepared statements
  • With prepared statements
  • Reusing a prepared statement to improve performance
  • The site holders
  • Naming Place holders
  • How to deal with a number of seat holders dynamic?
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