Perl tutorial for professionals

Download free Perl tutorial course in PDF, training file in 39 chapters and 109 pages. Free unaffiliated ebook created from Stack OverFlow contributor.

Table of contents

  • About
  • Getting started with Perl Language
  • Getting started with Perl
  • Comments
  • Single-line comments
  • Multi-line comments
  • Variables
  • Scalars
  • Array References
  • Scalar References
  • Arrays
  • Typeglobs, typeglob refs, ?lehandles and constants
  • Sigils
  • Hash References
  • Hashes
  • Interpolation in Perl
  • What is interpolated
  • Basic interpolation
  • True and false
  • List of true and false values
  • Dates and Time
  • Date formatting
  • Create new DateTime
  • Working with elements of datetime
  • Calculate code execution time
  • Control Statements
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Subroutines
  • Creating subroutines
  • Subroutines
  • Subroutine arguments are passed by reference (except those in signatures)
  • Debug Output
  • Dumping with Style
  • Dumping data-structures
  • Data::Show
  • Dumping array list
  • Lists
  • Array as list
  • Assigning a list to a hash
  • Lists can be passed into subroutines
  • Return list from subroutine
  • Hash as list
  • Using arrayref to pass array to sub
  • Sorting
  • Basic Lexical Sort
  • Comments
  • Interpolation in Perl
  • Dates and Time
  • Subroutines
  • Lists
  • File I/O (reading and writing files)
  • Strings and quoting methods
  • Object-oriented Perl
  • Regular Expressions
  • Unicode
  • Randomness
  • Packages and modules
  • Easy way to check installed modules on Mac and Ubuntu
  • Perl commands for Windows Excel with Win32::OLE module
  • Perl Testing
  • Attributed Text
  • Memory usage optimization
  • Perlbrew
  • Compile Perl cpan module sapnwrfc from source code

It is a free Perl ebook created for beginners. The content is extracted from Stack Overflow pltaform, which is written by many Perl developers and contributors.

The content is released under Creative Commons BY-SA

Size : 1.16 MB
File type : pdf
Downloads: 125
Created: 2019-04-30

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