Learning Android

A complet Android Course in PDF format, this is a free Android ebook created for educational purposes by Stack Overflow documentation.

Table of contents

  • Get started with Android
  • Set up Android Studio
  • Compile applications
  • Create a new project
  • Basic configuration
  • Add an activity
  • Running the application
  • Set up an Android device
  • Running from Android Studio
  • APK file location
  • Android programming without IDE
  • Requirements and assumptions
  • Android SDK Setup
  • Code application
  • Build the code
  • Define the contents of the resource file:
  • Set the content to an explicit view:
  • Read device information
  • Full exit example
  • Connect the device by IP
  • Build.gradle at the application level
  • Textview with a different text size
  • Strike the whole text
  • Adding a FuseView to an Android project
  • AlarmManager
  • Improved alert dialogs
  • Android Java Native Interface (JNI)
  • Initialization and connection
  • Fade in / out animation
  • TransitionDrawable animation
  • Fingerprint API in Android
  • Embed Google Drive in Android
  • Create a file on Google Drive
  • Result Manager of DriveContents
  • How to handle deprecated APIs
  • XML activity_login
  • Progress of the publication
  • AudioManager
  • Model class: People.java
  • Adapter class: PeopleAdapter.java
  • Execution Permissions in API-23 +
  • Example of use in the activity
  • Autosizing TextViews
  • Fluff warnings
  • ProgressBar Undetermined
  • Create an annotation @Module Class and @Singleton for Object
  • Request dependencies in dependent objects
  • Connect @Modules with @Inject
  • Using the @Component interface to get objects
  • Data Link Library
  • Use the same click event for one or more views in the XML
  • Listen to long click events
  • Definition of an external earphone
  • add an authorization to your manifest file
  • Android shutdown state
  • Chapter 42: Bitmap Cache
  • Preview the main camera in a TextureView
  • Camera and Gallery
  • Screenshot via Android Studio
  • Screenshot via Android Device Monitor
  • Screenshot via ADB
  • Screen capture via ADB and recording directly to your PC
  • Orientation of the lock screen
  • Manually manage configuration changes
  • Upload the image from a resource from an Android device.
  • Charger
  • Universal Image Loader
  • Control of a servomotor
  • Use QRCodeReaderView (based on Zxing)
  • Adding the library to your project
  • ViewModel with LiveData transformations
  • The durability of the room
  • Customized LiveData
  • Apply an AppCompat theme
  • Add a toolbar
  • Connect with WEP encryption
  • Connect with WPA2 encryption
  • Indomitable views in ButterKnife
  • Android Studio ButterKnife Plugin
  • Windows overlay creation (always visible)
  • Creating a library project
  • Use the library in the project as a module
  • Add a divider to RecyclerView
  • How to add divisors using and divideItemDecoration
  • ActivityNotFoundException
  • OutOfMemoryError
  • LocationManager
  • FusedLocationProviderApi
  • help
  • Install Genymotion, the free version
  • Step 1 - Installing VirtualBox
  • Step 2 - download Genymotion
  • Step 3 - Installing Genymotion
  • Step 4 - Installing Genymotion Emulators
  • Step 5 - Integrate genymotion with Android Studio
  • Step 6 - Genymotion from Android Studio
  • JavaScript alert dialogs in WebView - How to make them work
  • Communication from Javascript to Java (Android)
  • Communication from Java to Javascript
  • Open an example of a dialer
  • Troubleshooting WebView by Printing Console Messages or Remote Debugging
  • Printing messages from the Webview console in logcat
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Created: 2019-04-21

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