Structured programming with C++

This C ++ course is for beginners who have never programmed. Complet and free PDF document about C++ programming.

C ++ is one of the most famous languages in the world. Widely used, particularly in the video game industry, which appreciates its performance and its possibilities, C ++ is now essential for developers.


C ++ is the descendant of the C language. These two languages, although similar at first sight, are nevertheless different. C ++ offers new features, such as object-oriented programming (OOP). They make it a very powerful language that allows programming with a different approach to the C language.


Table of contents

  • About the Book and the Course
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Coding
  • Compiling and linking
  • The First Steps with Visual C++
  • Variables
  • Declaring Variables
  • Assignment
  • Initiating Variables
  • Constants
  • The main function
  • Input and Output
  • An Entry Program
  • Formatted Output
  • Invoice Program
  • Time Conversion Program
  • Type Conversion
  • The Random Number Generator
  • Game Program
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Selections and Loops
  • Selection
  • if statement
  • Comparison Operators
  • Even or Odd
  • else if
  • and (&&), or (||)
  • Conditional Input
  • The switch statement
  • The while Loop
  • The for Loop
  • Addition Program
  • Double Loop
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Structured programming with C++

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