Fundamentals of C++ Programming

This book does not attempt to cover all the facets of the C++ programming language. Experienced programmers should look elsewhere for books that cover C++ in much more detail. The focus here is on introducing programming techniques and developing good habits.

To that end, our approach avoids some of the more esoteric features of C++ and concentrates on the programming basics that transfer directly to other imperative programming languages such as Java, C#, and Python. We stick with the basics and explore more advanced features of C++ only when necessary to handle the problem at hand.
Download free tutorial in PDF (766 pages) created by Richard L. Halterman School of Computing.


  • The Context of Software Development
  • Software
  • Development Tools
  • Learning Programming with C++
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Writing a C++ Program
  • General Structure of a Simple C++ Program
  • Compiling the source code
  • Variations of our simple program
  • Template for simple C++ programs
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Values and Variables
  • Integer Values
  • Variables and Assignment
  • Identifiers
  • Floating-point Types
  • Constants
  • Other Numeric Types
  • Characters
  • Enumerated Types
  • Type Inference with auto
  • Exercises
  • Expressions and Arithmetic
  • Expressions
  • Mixed Type Expressions
  • Operator Precedence and Associativity
  • Comments
  • Formatting
  • Errors and Warnings
  • Compile-time Errors
  • Run-time Errors
  • Logic Errors
  • Compiler Warnings
  • Arithmetic Examples
  • More Arithmetic Operators
  • Algorithms
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Conditional Execution
  • Type bool
  • Boolean Expressions
  • The Simple if Statement
  • Compound Statements
  • The if/else Statement
  • Compound Boolean Expressions
  • Nested Conditionals
  • Multi-way if/else Statements
  • Errors in Conditional Statements
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Iteration
  • The while Statement
  • Nested Loops
  • Abnormal Loop Termination
  • The break statement
  • The goto Statement
  • The continue Statement
  • Infinite Loops
  • Iteration Examples
  • Drawing a Tree
  • Printing Prime Numbers
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Other Conditional and Iterative Statements
  • The switch Statement
  • The Conditional Operator
  • The do/while Statement
  • The for Statement
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Using Functions
  • Introduction to Using Functions
  • Standard Math Functions
  • Maximum and Minimum
  • clock Function
  • Character Functions
  • Random Numbers
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Writing Functions
  • Function Basics
  • Using Functions
  • Call by Value
  • Function Examples
  • Better Organized Prime Generator
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Created: 2021-05-15
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Fundamentals of C++ Programming

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