Coding for kids

This PDF book teaches you how to encourage your kids to code at home, a guide to empowering kids with coding skills.


  • Intro to Coding
  • What Is Coding ?
  • What Can My Child Do With Code ?
  • Why Should My Child Learn to Code ?
  • Coding Develops Important Life Skills
  • Coding Prepares Your Child for the Future
  • Why Tynker ?
  • Interest-Driven Learning
  • Game-Based Learning Experiences
  • Seamless Advancement to Text Coding
  • Tips for Encouraging Coding at Home
  • Begin Coding at Home

Why Should My Child Learn to Code ?

When it comes to preparing your child for the future, there are few better ways to do so than to help them learn to code. Coding can help your child develop academic skills applicable to any grade level, in addition to building critical life skills like organization, perseverance, and problem solving.

Download the book to learn more about coding for kids .

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