Adobe Soundbooth CS5

The purpose of this PDF tutorial is to provide an overview about Adobe Soundbooth CS5 ,it allows you to create and edit audio with ease.

Free training document under 4 pages for download.

Table of contents

  • Create soundtracks easily
  • Get professional-sounding mixes
  • Fix audio problems fast
  • Who uses Adobe Soundbooth?
  • Top new features of Adobe Soundbooth CS5
  • Improved multitrack editing
  • Soundbooth Scores
  • Sound effects: Much more than explosions
  • Still using Soundbooth CS3?
  • Multitrack audio support
  • ASND multitrack audio file format
  • Volume keyframing
  • Automatic volume matching
  • MP3 preview
  • About Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Sound effects in Adobe Soundbooth CS5
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Created: 2016-01-04
Adobe Soundbooth CS5

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