Using Adobe Soundbouth CS5

This PDF tutorial presents an understanding of key audio concepts helps you get the most out of Adobe Soundbooth CS5.

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Table of contents

  • Digital audio fundamentals
  • Workspace
  • Importing, recording, and playing audio
  • Editing and repairing audio files
  • Displaying audio
  • Selecting audio
  • Customizing scores
  • Saving and mixing down multitrack files
  • Copying, pasting, cropping, and deleting audio
  • Multitrack mixing and editing
  • Working with Adobe Flash and video
  • Working with Flash cue points
  • Edit audio from Adobe Flash, Premiere Pro, or After Effects
  • Working with video files
  • Options for standard audio formats
  • Options for video and AAC formats
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File type : pdf
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Created: 2016-01-04

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Adobe Soundbooth CS5

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