Using Adobe Soundbouth CS5

This PDF tutorial presents an understanding of key audio concepts helps you get the most out of Adobe Soundbooth CS5.

Download free training document for intermediat level-users.

Table of contents

  • Digital audio fundamentals
  • Workspace
  • Importing, recording, and playing audio
  • Editing and repairing audio files
  • Displaying audio
  • Selecting audio
  • Customizing scores
  • Saving and mixing down multitrack files
  • Copying, pasting, cropping, and deleting audio
  • Multitrack mixing and editing
  • Working with Adobe Flash and video
  • Working with Flash cue points
  • Edit audio from Adobe Flash, Premiere Pro, or After Effects
  • Working with video files
  • Options for standard audio formats
  • Options for video and AAC formats
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File type : pdf
Downloads: 227
Created: 2016-01-04

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Adobe Soundbooth CS5

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