Training Site Reliability Engineers

Download free course Training Site Reliability Engineers, pdf file on 116 pages by Jennifer Petoff, JC van Winkel, Preston Yoshioka, Jessie Yang, Jesus Climent Collado, Myk Taylor.
This book discusses how to train Site Reliability Engineers, or SREs. Before we go any further, we'd like to clarify the term "SRE."
"SRE" means a variety of things:
- Site Reliability Engineer or a Site Reliability Engineering team, based on the context (singular, SRE, or plural, SREs)
- Site Reliability Engineering concepts, discipline, or way of thinking (SRE)
- Belonging to an SRE individual, team, or way of thinking (SRE's or SREs')

In this books, we share our experience ramping up new SREs, but we also look at other use cases. For example, we have talked with several smaller organizations that are successful in ramping people up to do SRE (or SRE-like) functions.

While much of this book focuses on the specific experience of Google SRE, we aim to present best practices and lessons learned over the past several years, which can be applied to organizations that are at varying points along the spectrum in terms of size and maturity.

Table of contents

  • Identifying Your SRE Training Needs
  • Use Cases
  • Case Studies
  • Instructional Design Principles
  • How to "SRE" an SRE Training Program
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Example Training Design Document
Pages : 116
Size : 2.3 MB
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Created: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY
Author(s): Jennifer Petoff, JC van Winkel, Preston Yoshioka, Jessie Yang, Jesus Climent Collado, Myk Taylor
Training Site Reliability Engineers

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