HackSpace Magazine: Issue 46

Download free course HackSpace Magazine: Issue 46, pdf file on 116 pages by HackSpace Team.
Anyone can be a scientist, and this issue we'll show you how. Whether you're interested in space, traffic, the oceans, or something else, there's a citizen science project for you. The world has never been more connected - so let's use that connectivity to make our planet better!

- We talk to a real-like scientist about the emotional links between making and materials;
- Turn empty drinks cans and a bit of 3D printing into a heat-exchange system for a laser cutter;
- Coax random numbers from a humble ESP32 board;
- Make music with a Raspberry Pi Pico;
- Build a glorious piece of retro tech in the shape of a crystal radio.

Table of contents

  • Top Projects
  • Objet 3d'art
  • Meet the Maker: Matthew Read
  • Columns
  • Letters
  • Kickstarting
  • Citizen science
  • How I Made: Crystal radio
  • Interview: Anna Ploszajski
  • Improviser's toolbox: Nails
  • In the workshop: Vinyl cutting
  • SoM MIDI
  • Tutorial Random number
  • Tutorial Retro Pie
  • Tutorial FreeCAD
  • Tutorial Laser cutter mod
  • Tutorial Finish your projects
  • Best of Breed
  • Review Jay-D
  • Review Pico screen
  • Review Hot plate
Pages : 116
File type : PDF
Downloads: 16
Submitted On: 2022-02-02
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Author(s): HackSpace Team

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