High-Performance Caching with Nginx and Nginx Plus

Download free course High-Performance Caching with Nginx and Nginx Plus, pdf file on 47 pages by Floyd Smith.
You can cache static assets - more than half the payload needed to respond to many web requests - and even application?generated web pages (whether partial or complete). And you can use cache clusters and microcaching to increase the caching capability of your web applications while simplifying implementation and reducing operational complexity.

Use Nginx caching and cache clustering to exponentially improve the performance of your website, at the same time reducing hardware requirements, complexity, and costs. This ebook gives you power tools to take your web infrastructure to the next level of performance.

Table of contents

  • Overview
  • Basic Principles of Caching
  • How to Configure Caching
  • Controlling Caching
  • Microcaching with Nginx
  • The Inner Workings of Caching in Nginx
  • Shared Caches with NGINX Cache Clusters
Pages : 47
Size : 2.2 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 59
Created: 2022-02-02
License: Open Publication License
Author(s): Floyd Smith
High-Performance Caching with Nginx and Nginx Plus

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