An Introduction to Matlab and Mathcad

Download free course An Introduction to Matlab and Mathcad, pdf file on 136 pages by by Troy Siemers.
This free book, or really a "coursebook" for a college freshman-level class, has been updated for Spring 2014 and provides an introduction to programming and problem solving using both Matlab and Mathcad. We provide a balanced selection of introductory exercises and real-world problems (i.e. no "contrived" problems). We include many examples and screenshots to guide the reader. We assume no prior knowledge of Matlab or Mathcad.

Table of contents

  • Matlab: Introduction
  • Matlab: Matrices
  • Matlab: Functions
  • Matlab: Graphics
  • Matlab: User Defined Functions
  • Matlab: Input/Output
  • Matlab: Programming Structures
  • Matlab: Applications
  • Matlab: Curve Fitting
  • Mathcad: Introduction
  • Mathcad: Entering Equations
  • Mathcad: Given/Find and Solve
  • Mathcad: Functions
  • Mathcad: Matrices
  • Mathcad: Graphing
  • Mathcad: Curve Fitting
  • Mathcad: Calculus and Symbolics
Pages : 136
Size : 6.0 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 37
Created: 2022-02-01
License: CC BY-NC
Author(s): by Troy Siemers
An Introduction to Matlab and Mathcad

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