HackSpace Magazine: Issue 48

Download free course HackSpace Magazine: Issue 48, pdf file on 116 pages by HackSpace Team.
When you've graduated from breadboards and jumper wires it's time to tackle electronics the way the pros do it: by making your own PCBs! We'll take you from beginner to slightly more experienced beginner, with a guide to designing, debugging and manufacturing your own custom electronic creation.

- Learn the secrets of the guitarist's favourite electronic component: the vacuum tube;
- Build a MIDI synth out of a Raspberry Pi Pico and an empty camembert box;
- Sew a fabric bag to store essential maker mess;
- PLUS! an exclusive first look at a new add-on for Raspberry Pi that we think you'll like a lot.

Table of contents

  • Top Projects
  • Objet 3d'art
  • Build HAT
  • Letters
  • Kickstarting
  • Design your first PCB
  • How I Made: Automotive head unit
  • Interview: Wesley Treat
  • Improviser's Toolbox Bubble wrap
  • SoM Thermionic valves
  • Tutorial Textiles
  • Tutorial Pico keyboard
  • Tutorial FreeCAD
  • Tutorial Get organised
  • Tutorial DIY synth
  • Best of Breed Feather development boards
  • Direct from Shenzhen
  • Review LED matrix
Pages : 116
Size : 41.7 MB
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Created: 2022-02-02
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Author(s): HackSpace Team
HackSpace Magazine: Issue 48

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