AutoCAD 3D

Download a complete pdf tutorial about AutoCD 3D ,a free training document under 264 pages By Kristen S. Kurland

AutoCAD 3D Tutorials

designated to intermediate and advanced designers level.

Table of content

  • Launch AutoCAD
  • Basics Interface
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Draw
  • Modify
  • Selection
  • Coordinates
  • Layers and Views
  • The 3D Basic pulldown menus
  • 3D Modeling Interface
  • Modeling
  • Mesh
  • Solid Editing
  • Preset 3D Viewports
  • Named Views
  • Steering Wheel
  • Full Navigation Wheel
  • 2D Navigation Wheel
  • Steering Wheel Settings
  • VPOINT Command (Tripod)
  • VPOINT Command (Rotate)
  • Plan View
  • Thickness and Elevation
  • Change Existing Thickness
  • Elevation Shortcut
  • Visualizing Your Model
  • HIDE Command
  • Visual Style Manager
  • Visual Styles Panel
  • Adaptive 3D Grid
  • 3D Coordinates
  • Creating a Camera

Excerpt from course

Walk and Fly

You can simulate walking and flying through a 3D drawing.

When you walk through a model, you travel along the XY plane. When you fly through a model, you are not constrained by the XY plane, so you appear to 'fly' over an area in a model. 

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