Real-Time ASP.NET Core 3 Apps with SignalR Succinctly

Download free course Real-Time ASP.NET Core 3 Apps with SignalR Succinctly, pdf file on 81 pages by Dirk Strauss.
The ASP.NET Core SignalR library is open source and allows developers to simplify adding real-time web functionality to applications. This means that the server-side code can instantly push content to connected clients. In Real-Time ASP.NET Core 3 Apps with SignalR Succinctly, Dirk Strauss will show you how to use it to create a chat application with minimal code and how to modify that same code to create a chart application. Just by changing a few lines of code, you can automatically pull data via an API call and update your page in real time.

Table of contents

  • What is SignalR?
  • Prerequisites
  • Project Creation and Setup
  • Add the Required SignalR Client Library
  • Creating the Hub and Configuring SignalR
  • Creating the Client Application
  • Running the Application
  • The Problem with SendAsync
  • Creating Real-Time Charts
  • Creating the Chart Hub
  • Creating the Chart Client Application
  • The JavaScript Code Explained
  • Running the Real-Time Chart Application
  • Having Fun with Exchange Rates
  • Using Chrome Developer Tools
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Created: 2022-02-03
License: For personal or educational use
Author(s): Dirk Strauss
Real-Time ASP.NET Core 3 Apps with SignalR Succinctly

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