Struts Framework ,Overview Installation and Setup

Free training material course for Framework Struts ,this pdf tutorial will shows you an overview of this famous Java Framework ,how to install and use it .

Struts: generic principle of the method: Controller is the heart of the Web application. All client requests pass through it is defined by a generic type ActionServlet Servlet API provided by the Struts Controller takes the information it needs in the struts-config.xml If the client request contains parameters , these are transmitted in a ActionForm type object Depending on the status returned by the previous ActionForm, the controller processes a specific action by an object type Struts Action.

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Table of content

  • Understanding Struts
  • Different views of Struts
  • Advantages of Struts
  • HTML tags
  • Form field validation
  • Consistent approach
  • Disadvantages of Struts
  • Bigger learning curve
  • Worse documentation
  • Less transparent
  • Rigid approach
  • Setting Up Struts
  • Downloading and configuring Struts Downloading and configuring Struts
  • Testing Struts
  • Setting up Struts applications
  • Accessing Struts documentation
  • Adding Struts to an existing Web application
  • An MVC Framework?
  • A Collection of Utilities?
  • JSP Custom Tag Libraries
  • Generating HTML forms
  • Proper way to view Struts?
  • Bean tags
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