Learning Ruby on Rails

Download free course Learning Ruby on Rails, pdf file on 291 pages by Stack Overflow Community.
Ruby on Rails (RoR), or Rails, is an open-source popular web application framework. Rails uses Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a web application that runs on a web server. Rails uses the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern and provides a fullstack of libraries from the database all the way to the view.

It is an unofficial and free Ruby on Rails book created for educational purposes. All the content is extracted from Stack Overflow Documentation, which is written by many hardworking individuals at Stack Overflow.

Table of contents

  • Getting started with Ruby on Rails
  • ActionCable
  • ActionController
  • ActionMailer
  • Active Jobs
  • Active Model Serializers
  • ActiveJob
  • ActiveModel
  • ActiveRecord
  • ActiveRecord Associations
  • ActiveRecord Locking
  • ActiveRecord Migrations
  • ActiveRecord Query Interface
  • ActiveRecord Transactions
  • ActiveRecord Transactions
  • ActiveRecord Validations
  • ActiveSupport
  • Add Admin Panel
  • Adding an Amazon RDS to your rails application
  • Asset Pipeline
  • Authenticate Api using Devise
  • Authorization with CanCan
  • Caching
  • Change a default Rails application enviornment
  • Change default timezone
  • Class Organization
  • Configuration
  • Configuration
  • Configure Angular with Rails
  • Debugging
  • Decorator pattern
  • Deploying a Rails app on Heroku
  • Elasticsearch
  • Factory Girl
  • File Uploads
  • Form Helpers
  • Friendly ID
  • Gems
  • I18n - Internationalization
  • Import whole CSV files from specific folder
  • Integrating React.js with Rails Using Hyperloop
  • Model states: AASM
  • Mongoid
  • Multipurpose ActiveRecord columns
  • Naming Conventions
  • Nested form in Ruby on Rails
  • Payment feature in rails
  • Prawn PDF
  • Rails 5
  • Rails 5 API Authetication
  • Rails API
  • Rails Best Practices
  • Rails Cookbook - Advanced rails recipes/learnings and coding techniques
  • Rails Engine - Modular Rails
  • Rails -Engines
  • Rails frameworks over the years
  • Rails generate commands
  • Rails logger
  • Rails on docker
  • React with Rails using react-rails gem
  • Reserved Words
  • Routing
  • RSpec and Ruby on Rails
  • Safe Constantize
  • Securely storing authentication keys
  • Shallow Routing
  • Single Table Inheritance
  • Testing Rails Applications
  • Tools for Ruby on Rails code optimization and cleanup
  • Turbolinks
  • Upgrading Rails
  • User Authentication in Rails
  • Using GoogleMaps with Rails
  • Views
Pages : 291
Size : 2.6 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 119
Created: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY-SA
Author(s): Stack Overflow Community
Learning Ruby on Rails

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