Mobile Apps developement with Apache Cordova

Downloaf a free Cordova course tutorial material for beginners to learn how to creat mobile application using this platfom, a PDF document by Hazem Saleh under 37 pages.

I propose to discover together how to use Apache Cordova. This technology will allow you to create mobile applications using web technologies that you used to use every day.

The principle is relatively simple: create an application that opens a Webview containing your HTML files. Webview this still allows access to certain APIs phone as accelerometer, compass ...

Installing Cordova

Cordova uses NodeJS, so the installation is very quick and easy

  1. Install NodeJS if you have not already done
  2. With the terminal (or cmd for windows) tape npm install -g cordova

Now Cordova is installed, but you must now install the specific SDK to platforms you plan to use.


Table of contents

  • Apache Cordova Introduction
  • Device native functions examples
  • Hybrid vs Native Application
  • Platforms Cordova support
  • Challenges of the current mobile development
  • Different problem types
  • Who can use Cordova?
  • Configurations
  • Version of Cordova
  • Cordova Command Line
  • To create an application
  • To build Cordova project
  • To deploy the app on emulator
  • Cordova APIs Overview
  • Adding camera plugin example
  • Notification
  • Geolocation
  • jQuery Mobile Integration
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