Tutorial Cryptography for Beginners

This tutorial is intended to novice who wants to be familiar with lattice based cryptography and cryptosystem.

Download free PDF tutorial about cryptography and cryptosystem by Peikert's Bonn.

Table of contents

  • Mathematical and Computational Background
  • Short Integer Solution and Learning With Errors
  • Hard problems
  • Short Integer Solution
  • Public-Key Cryptosystem using LWE
  • Dual cryptosystem
  • More efficient Cryptosystem
  • Sampling
  • Lattice Background
  • The Ring of Integers and Its Ideals
  • Discrete Fourier Transform & Chinese Remainder Transform
  • Powerful basis
  • Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization of CRTm
  • Chinese Remainder Basis and Fast Ring Operation
  • Implementation of Decoding Operation
  • Gaussian sampling in the Decoding Basis
  • Compact Public-key Cryptosystem
  • Homomorphic Cryptosystem
  • Cryptanalysis of GGH map
  • Notes on Cyclotomic Fields with Examples
  • Cyclotomic Number Fields & Ring of Integers
  • Fractional ideals
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Created: 2018-04-01
Tutorial Cryptography for Beginners

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