Learning Go

Download free course Learning Go, pdf file on 305 pages by Stack Overflow Community.
Go is a statically typed, compiled programming language designed at Google. It is an unofficial and free Go book created for educational purposes. All the content is extracted from Stack Overflow Documentation, which is written by many hardworking individuals at Stack Overflow.

Table of contents

  • Getting started with Go
  • Arrays
  • Base64 Encoding
  • Best practices on project structure
  • Branching
  • Build Constraints
  • cgo
  • cgo
  • Channels
  • Closures
  • Concurrency
  • Console I/O
  • Constants
  • Context
  • Cross Compilation
  • Cryptography
  • Defer
  • Developing for Multiple Platforms with Conditional Compiling
  • Error Handling
  • Executing Commands
  • File I/O
  • Fmt
  • Functions
  • Getting Started With Go Using Atom
  • gob
  • Goroutines
  • HTTP Client
  • HTTP Server
  • Images
  • Inline Expansion
  • Installation
  • Installation
  • Interfaces
  • Iota
  • JSON
  • JWT Authorization in Go
  • Logging
  • Loops
  • Maps
  • Memory pooling
  • Methods
  • mgo
  • Middleware
  • Mutex
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • OS Signals
  • Packages
  • Panic and Recover
  • Parsing Command Line Arguments And Flags
  • Parsing CSV files
  • Plugin
  • Pointers
  • Profiling using go tool pprof
  • Protobuf in Go
  • Readers
  • Reflection
  • Select and Channels
  • Send/receive emails
  • Slices
  • SQL
  • String
  • Structs
  • Templates
  • Testing
  • Text + HTML Templating
  • The Go Command
  • Time
  • Type conversions
  • Variables
  • Vendoring
  • Worker Pools
  • XML
  • YAML
  • Zero values
  • Zero values
Pages : 305
Size : 2.6 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 142
Created: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY-SA
Author(s): Stack Overflow Community
Learning Go

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