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The Tiny Book of Rules

The Tiny Book of Rules

Download free course The Tiny Book of Rules, pdf file on 15 pages by Johan Falk, Wolfgang Ziegler.
The Tiny Book of Rulesis tiny and it's about the Rules module for Drupal.

Rules is a module usually used to auto-mate actions on your Drupal site. Rules can react on events occurring on your site - such as a user logging in or a node being created - and perform customized follow-up actions such as redirecting to a certain page or setting field values. Optionally, Rules can evaluate conditions before executing any actions.

Rules is also a framework to use by other modules, allowing them to evaluate user-configured Rules components, such as action and condition sets, or expose data about variables and entities to other parts of Drupal.

Table of contents

  • This is Rules
  • Using actions
  • Data in Rules
  • Using events
  • Using conditions
  • Lists and loops
  • Components
  • Useful additional modules
  • Debugging Rules configuration
  • Writing conditions
  • Writing actions
  • Declaring and invoking events
  • Invoking components programmatically
  • Extending and altering data types
  • Providing new entities and data types

Pages : 15
File type : PDF
Downloads: 9
Submitted On: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY
Author(s): Johan Falk, Wolfgang Ziegler

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