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The Essence of Software Engineering

The Essence of Software Engineering

Download free course The Essence of Software Engineering, pdf file on 236 pages by Volker Gruhn, Rüdiger Striemer.
This book includes contributions by leading researchers and industry thought leaders on various topics related to the essence of software engineering and their application in industrial projects. It offers a broad overview of research findings dealing with current practical software engineering issues and also pointers to potential future developments.
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of adesso AG, adesso gathered some of the pioneers of software engineering including Manfred Broy, Ivar Jacobson and Carlo Ghezzi at a special symposium, where they presented their thoughts about latest software engineering research and which are part of this book. This way it offers readers a concise overview of the essence of software engineering, providing valuable insights into the latest methodological research findings and adesso's experience applying these results in real-world projects.

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Pages : 236
File type : PDF
Downloads: 14
Submitted On: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY
Author(s): Volker Gruhn, Rüdiger Striemer

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