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NGINX Unit Cookbook

NGINX Unit Cookbook

Download free course NGINX Unit Cookbook, pdf file on 70 pages by Derek DeJonghe.
Alongside its popular web server, NGINX provides a dynamic application server that supports configuration through a RESTful JSON API. The open source NGINX Unit server deploys configuration changes without service disruptions and runs apps built with multiple languages and frameworks. This updated cookbook shows developers, DevOps personnel, network admins, and cloud infrastructure pros how to quickly get started with NGINX Unit.

Hands-on recipes demonstrate Unit's new approach and show you how to deploy and configure this server for different applications. You'll learn how to run applications written in different languages on the same server, how to use NGINX Unit as the foundation for your web application development environment, and how Unit's RESTful API simplifies configuration.

- Learn how Unit differs from other middleware application servers;
- Install Unit using source code, Red Hat and Debian systems, or third-party repositories;
- Configure Unit using application, router, and listener objects;
- Start and stop the Unit server and the applications it runs;
- Manage user permissions, Linux namespace isolation, and API security;
- Run WordPress, Django, and other web applications with Unit;
- Serve applications with an NGINX proxy or load balancer.

Table of contents

  • Unit Introduction and Features
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Usage and Operations
  • Security
  • Application Integration
  • Ecosystem Integration

Pages : 70
File type : PDF
Downloads: 26
Submitted On: 2022-02-03
License: Open Publication License
Author(s): Derek DeJonghe

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