The Next.js Handbook

Download free course The Next.js Handbook, pdf file on 102 pages by Flavio Copes.
The author wrote this open book to help you quickly learn Next.js and get familiar with how it works.

The ideal reader of the book has zero knowledge of Next.js, has used React in the past, and is looking forward diving more into the React ecosystem, in particular server-side rendering.

I find Next.js an awesome tool to create Web Applications, and at the end of the book I hope you'll be as excited about it as I am.

Table of contents

  • Introduction to Next.js
  • The main features provided by Next.js
  • Next.js vs Gatsby vs create-react-app
  • How to install Next.js?
  • View source to confirm SSR is working
  • The app bundles
  • What's that icon on the bottom right?
  • Install the React Developer Tools
  • Other debugging techniques you can use
  • Adding a second page to the site
  • Linking the two pages
  • Dynamic content with the router
  • Prefetching
  • Using the router to detect the active link
  • Using next/router
  • Feed data to the components using getInitialProps
  • CSS
  • Populating the head tag with custom tags
  • Adding a wrapper component
  • API Routes
  • Run code only on the server side or client side
  • Deploying the production version
  • Deploying on Now
  • Analyzing the app bundles
  • Lazy loading modules
Pages : 102
Size : 8.6 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 1947
Created: 2022-02-03
License: Open Publication License
Author(s): Flavio Copes
The Next.js Handbook

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