The Linux Command Line

Download free course The Linux Command Line, pdf file on 555 pages by William Shotts.
The Linux Command Line takes you from your very first terminal keystrokes to writing full programs in Bash, the most popular Linux shell (or command line). Along the way you'll learn the timeless skills handed down by generations of experienced, mouse-shunning gurus: file navigation, environment configuration, command chaining, pattern matching with regular expressions, and more.

In addition to that practical knowledge, author William Shotts reveals the philosophy behind these tools and the rich heritage that your desktop Linux machine has inherited from Unix supercomputers of yore.

As you make your way through the book's short, easily-digestible chapters, you'll learn how to:
- Create and delete files, directories, and symlinks
- Administer your system, including networking, package installation, and process management
- Use standard input and output, redirection, and pipelines
- Edit files with Vi, the world's most popular text editor
- Write shell scripts to automate common or boring tasks
- Slice and dice text files with cut, paste, grep, patch, and sed

Once you overcome your initial "shell shock," you'll find that the command line is a natural and expressive way to communicate with your computer. Just don't be surprised if your mouse starts to gather dust.

Table of contents

  • Learning the Shell
  • What Is the Shell?
  • Navigation
  • Exploring the System
  • Manipulating Files and Directories
  • Working with Commands
  • Redirection
  • Seeing the World as the Shell Sees It
  • Advanced Keyboard Tricks
  • Permissions
  • Processes
  • Configuration and the Environment
  • The Environment
  • A Gentle Introduction to vi
  • Customizing the Prompt
  • Common Tasks and Essential Tools
  • Package Management
  • Storage Media
  • Networking
  • Searching for Files
  • Archiving and Backup
  • Regular Expressions
  • Text Processing
  • Formatting Output
  • Printing
  • Compiling Programs
  • Writing Shell Scripts
  • Writing Your First Script
  • Starting a Project
  • Top-Down Design
  • Flow Control: Branching with if
  • Reading Keyboard Input
  • Flow Control: Looping with while / until
  • Troubleshooting
  • Flow Control: Branching with case
  • Positional Parameters
  • Flow Control: Looping with for
  • Strings and Numbers
  • Arrays
  • Exotica
Pages : 555
Size : 2.2 MB
File type : PDF
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Created: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Author(s): William Shotts
The Linux Command Line

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