Computer basics courses


Computers are programmable machines capable of performing a large number of precise operations in a very short time.

The basic structure of a computer includes the following basic elements:

  • A central processing unit (CPU).
  • A memory unit, called central memory.
  • Storage units.
  • Input / output units.
  • A bus system to convey information between the central unit and other units.

The various computer components are composed of electronic circuits or magnetic elements. So they work with electrical pulses or involve a magnetic field, and result in two states (open or closed) or (0 or 1).

Table of contents

  • What's a computer ?
  • Computer Organisation
  • Control Unit (CU)
  • Memory Unit
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
  • Anatomy of a Computer
  • How Computers Work
  • Peripheral devices
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • Other Peripherals
  • Input devices
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Light Pen
  • Optical/magnetic Scanner
  • Touch Screen
  • Microphone for voice as input
  • Track Ball
  • Output devices
  • Monitor (Visual Display Unit)
  • Speakers
  • Software
  • Operating systems
  • The Operating System
  • The Start Menu
  • Managing Windows
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