Wordpress In A Week

Download free course Wordpress In A Week, pdf file on 142 pages by Zak Cagaros.
The method of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) has been around for a long time, and in majority of the cases this has been associated with home renovation and make overs. But, in the past decade this mindset of DIY has shifted to the online world. It has now become the norm for anyone to create their own website without seeking the help of a website professional, this has been made possible with platforms like Wordpress. Since this is a relatively new phenomenon, beginners need someone to guide them through the many different and confusing paths they need to traverse to create the website that they want. My name is Zak Cagaros and I have been creating websites since 2003, and I would like to help you in your quest to create your own website without breaking the bank! In this book you will learn in the most clearest of terms, how to create a fully functional website in the space of several hours - without compromising on quality. One of the main reasons I wrote this book was because I was frustrated at seeing hundreds of books that promised beginners to Wordpress that they would learn everything they needed to build a website, only to find that the content of the book does not deliver on this promise. I believe that basic education on how to create a website using this great platform should be extremely affordable if not free, because we are now in the 21 st century, also called the information age, and you need to learn new skills and make sure that you keep updating your skills to stay abreast.

Table of contents

  • The Easy Way To Build Websites
  • Getting Wordpress Up and Running
  • Getting To Know Wordpress
  • Creating Killer Content
  • Creating an Attractive Website With Themes
  • Getting More Out of Your Site With Wordpress Plugins
  • Bring Your Content to Life
  • Open Up Your Site & Enable Users to Log In & Contribute
  • Keep Things Running By Securing Your Site
  • Attracting Search Engine Traffic
  • Practical Tips To Create A Successful Blog
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Created: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY
Author(s): Zak Cagaros
Wordpress In A Week

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