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Apache Struts is an MVC Framework (Model View Controller) for developing web applications. But what is the place of Struts in these applications?

Struts will allow you to easily implement the View and Controller parts. It is therefore used only in the presentation layer.

Here is a diagram of the overall operation of Struts. This one is not complete, but presents to you generally the organization of a web application with Struts. If you want to have a more precise vision, the official documentation contains a more complete diagram.

I will discuss the various elements present on this diagram as and when the progress in the course. The most important thing to remember at the moment is that all the "piping" is managed by Struts and the developer only has to focus on the specific parts of the application: the actions and the view (JSP ).



Struts is a framework for the development of JEE web applications. To take this course, you must:

  • know how to program and compile applications in Java;
  • have knowledge of web development (HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery);
  • have knowledge of Java EE development, mainly web (HTTP, Servlets, JSP, HTML ...);
  • know the patterns MVC (Model, View, Controller) and know what a multi-tier architecture.

In addition, in this course I rely on Apache Maven for building and managing project dependencies and on Spring for inversion of control and injection of dependencies. You must be familiar with these.

The objectives of those Struts courses:

  • Understand the organization and general functioning of Struts
  • Implement Struts to create a simple web application
  • To be able to implement a CRUD
  • Manage messages and internationalization of the application
  • Handle the HTTP session
  • Customize the framework and refine its configuration to meet your needs
  • Filter user queries according to context
  • Set up asynchronous actions with AJAX
  • Integrate the Spring framework into a Struts application
  • Are you ready to gain in productivity? So let's go !

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Introduction to Struts
Description : This tutorial is an example using struts tiles ,free training document courses under 14 pages bu sasha wolski.
Submitted On : 2016-07-01
File type : pdf
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Download Struts Tutorial
Description : This is a tutorial for the Struts framework. It consists of a small application which is developed step by step.A free pdf training material course on 67 pages by Stephan Wiesner.
Submitted On : 2016-07-02
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Struts Framework ,Overview Installation and Setup
Description : Free training material course for Framework Struts ,this pdf tutorial will shows you an overview of this famous Java Framework ,how to install and use it .
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