Create native apps with Flutter

Learn how to build beautiful native apps in record time with flutter, free pdf tutorial to download for beginners.
Document course by Eduardo Telaya.

Table of contents

  • Agenda
  • Context about Apps
  • Native apps (advantages)
  • Web apps (advantages)
  • Hybrid apps (advantages)
  • What do users(client, end user, dev, designer) want?
  • What If I told you that flutter has got!
  • What is Flutter?
  • Who is Flutter for?
  • Diagram the Layout
  • Designing bottom up
  • HTML/CSS Analogs in Flutter
  • Efficient Tooling
  • Hot Reload
  • Dart Observatory
  • The Power of Widgets
  • Great looking and fast Widgets
  • StatefulWidget vs StatelessWidget
  • Customizing and extending Widgets
  • Optimized for Performance
  • Additional resources
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File type : pdf
Downloads: 143
Created: 2020-04-26

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