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RESTfull Web Services Tutorial

RESTfull Web Services Tutorial

In this book we focus on practical issues: how to design and implement RESTful web services, and clients for those services. Our secondary focus is on theory: what it means to be RESTful, and why web services should be more RESTful instead of less.

We don’t cover everything, but we try to hit today’s big topics, and because this is the first book of its kind, we return to the core issue—how to design a RESTful service—over and over again

This eBook is licensed under a Creative Commons.

Table of contents

  • The Programmable Web and Its Inhabitants
  • Writing Web Service Clients
  • What Makes RESTful Services Different?
  • The Resource-Oriented Architecture
  • Designing Read-Only Resource-Oriented Services
  • Designing Read/Write Resource-Oriented Services
  • A Service Implementation
  • REST and ROA Best Practices
  • State and Statelessness
  • Connectedness
  • The Uniform Interface
  • This Stuff Matters
  • Resource Design
  • URI Design
  • Outgoing Representations
  • The Building Blocks of Services
  • The Resource-Oriented Architecture Versus Big Web Services
  • Ajax Applications as REST Clients
  • Frameworks for RESTful Services

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