Getting started with PowerShell

PowerShell is a powerful and very flexible language that is relatively easy to understand.
PowerShell allows you as a system administrator to create scripts that help you automate certain tasks in a simple and very practical way.

Table of contents

  • Getting started with PowerShell
  • Installation or configuration
  • Allow scripts stored on your machine to run without signing
  • Aliases and similar functions
  • The Pipeline - Using the output of a PowerShell cmdlet
  • Call .Net library methods
  • Basic use of Import-Csv
  • Import from CSV and convert properties to correct type
  • Anonymize IP addresses (v4 and v6) in a text file with Powershell
  • Application of script prerequisites
  • Apply a minimal version of the powershell host
  • Run the script as administrator
  • Automation of infrastructure
  • Simple script for testing black box integration of console applications
  • curls
  • PowerShell Classes
  • Inherit from parent class to child class
  • Naming Cmdlet
  • How to download the latest artifact from Artifactory using the script
  • Powershell script to download the latest artifact
  • Communication with RESTful APIs
  • TCP communication with PowerShell
  • Behavior back in PowerShell
  • How to work with functions returns
  • Desired state configuration
  • Importing psd1 (data file) into a local variable
  • List of available DSC resources
  • Naming conventions
  • Using variables in a string
  • Change statement with the Regex parameter
  • Change statement with expressions
  • Mail sending
  • Simple sending message
  • Send-MailMessage with predefined parameters
  • SMTPClient - Mail with a .txt file in the body message
  • Executables running
  • Replace the text with a dynamic value by a MatchEvalutor
  • Escape special characters
  • Several connections
  • Using Select-String
  • Simple function without parameters
  • Basic parameters
  • Packet management
  • Uninstall a module my name and version
  • Update a module by name
  • Secrets and credentials management
  • GUI in Powershell
  • Access a hash value by key.
  • Introduction to Pester
  • Simple parameter sets
  • Parameterset to force the use of a parameter when another is selected.
  • Parameter defined to limit the combination of parameters
  • Error management
  • Redirection operators
  • Mix the types of operands: the type of the left operand determines the behavior.
  • Use parameters and arguments
  • Conditional logic
  • Compress archives with a joker
  • Update the existing ZIP with Compress-Archive
  • Extract a zip with Expand-Archive
  • Get all the features installed on a site collection
  • Powershell modules
  • Dynamic parameter "simple"
  • PowerShell workstations
  • PowerShell "Streams"; Debug, Verbose, Warning, Error, Output and Information
  • Remote Serialization Warning
  • Using arguments
  • Good practice for automatically cleaning sessions PSSession
  • View file size in KB - Calculated properties
  • PowerShell Script Parser
  • Changing the Execution Policy Using Set-ExecutionPolicy
  • Bypassing the Execution Policy for a Single Script
  • Other enforcement policies:
  • Get the current execution policy
  • Security and cryptography
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Create a new S3 bucket
  • Download a local file in an S3 bucket
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