Delphi Advanced Programming Technology

Download Delphi Advanced Programming Technology PDF tutorial intended to advanced level users, free training document on 163 pages by Sun Zhao-yun.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 - Delphi 7 and Its IDE
  • Chapter 2 - The Delphi Programming Language
  • Chapter 3 - Core Library Classes
  • Chapter 4 - Visual Controls
  • Chapter 5 - Visual Controls
  • Chapter 6 - Building the User Interface
  • Chapter 7 - Working with Forms
  • Chapter 8 - The Architecture of Delphi Applications
  • Chapter 9 - Writing Delphi Components
  • Chapter 10 - Libraries and Packages
  • Chapter 11 - Delphi's Database Architecture
  • Chapter 12 - Working with ADO
  • Chapter 13 - Reporting with Rave

Why choose Delphi

We are often asked questions such as "What makes Delphi so good?" And "Why should I choose Delphi over X?" Over the years, we have developed two answers to these types of questions: a long answer and short answer. The short answer is productivity. Using Delphi is simply the most productive way to create applications for Windows. Of course, there are those (patrons and customers in perspective) for whom the short answer will not suffice, so we have to go out the long answer. The long answer describes the combined qualities that make Delphi so productive. We reduce the productivity of software development tools into a pentagon of five important attributes:

  • The quality of the visual development environment
  • The speed of the compiler compared to the efficiency of compiled code
  • The power of the programming language in relation to its complexity
  • The flexibility and scalability of the database architecture
  • The design and usage models applied by the framework

What are Delphi editions

Delphi is available in three versions designed to meet different needs: Delphi 6 Personal, Delphi 6 Professional and Delphi 6 Enterprise. Each of these versions targets a different type of developer.

Delphi Personal is the entry-level version. It provides everything you need to start writing applications with Delphi, and it's great for hobbyists and students who want to break into Delphi programming on a budget.
Delphi Professional is intended for use by professional developers who do not require enterprise development features. If you are a professional developer developing and deploying Delphi applications or components, this product is for you.

DelphiEnterprise is for developers who create applications across the enterprise. The Enterprise version includes everything that is included in the other two Delphi editions

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