Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 User Guide


Table of contents

  • Accessing SharePoint Site
  • Document Library 
  • Viewing a File
  • Uploading File(s) 
  • Check Document Out
  • Editing a Document
  • Check Documents In
  • Viewing Document Version History 
  • Delete a File 
  • Change File Permissions
  • Additional Document Options 
  • Team Discussions
  • Create/Edit a Discussion
  • Reply to a Discussion 
  • Delete a Discussion
  • Announcements
  • Create/Edit Announcement
  • Calendar Items 
  • Create/Edit Calendar Item
  • Export Calendar Item 
  • Links 
  • Email Alerts 
  • Project Tracking
  • Create New Project Tasks
  • Update Project Tasks
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Created: 2017-10-09
Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 User Guide

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