Using Blocks in Ruby

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Unannounced and unmarked, blocks turn up all over Ruby programs. Their use ranges from some of Ruby's most basic structures, such as loops, to some of its most sophisticated tricks. Similar to closures or lambdas in other languages, blocks enable some of Ruby's vaunted efficiency. Blocks even allow other people to write some of the code you use.

With this excerpt from Head First Ruby, you'll learn about blocks by looking at each concept from different angles. Exercises throughout will help you understand and remember how these closure-like structures work. In fact, these exercises are key component to our unique, hands-on Head First approach.
  • Bend your mind around blocks and methods
  • Build blocks into larger structures
  • Do heavy lifting easily with blocks
  • Get more done with less code

Table of contents

  • Blocks are mind-bending stuff. But stick with it!
  • Defining a method that takes blocks
  • Your first block
  • Flow of control between a method and block
  • Calling the same method with different blocks
  • Calling a block multiple times
  • Block parameters
  • Using the "yield" keyword
  • Block formats
  • The "each" method, step-by-step
  • DRYing up our code with "each" and blocks
  • Blocks and variable scope
  • Using "each" with the "refund" method
  • Using "each" with our last method
  • Our complete invoicing methods
  • We've gotten rid of the repetitive loop code!
  • Utilities and appliances, blocks and methods
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Submitted On: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY
Author(s): Jay McGavren

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