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Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering

Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering

This book is the definitive guide to today's most-used software reliability techniques and solutions, contributed by the worlds leading reliability experts. It takes you step by step through software reliability measurement and prediction, the attributes and metrics of product design, development process, system architecture, software operational environment, and their effects on reliability, and the application of this information in software development, acquisiton, use, and maintenance.

This book is also designed to be used as a textbook by students of software engineering or system reliability, either in a classroom or for self-study. Examples, case studies, and problems have been provided throughout the book to illustrate the concepts and to walk through the techniques. A Solution Manual is available with solutions to some of the exercises.

Pages : 850 pages
File type : pdf
Downloads: 11
Submitted On: 2020-08-29
License: The author of the book says "The book content here is free for use or link"
Author(s): Michael R. Lyu

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