Game Design Research

Download free course Game Design Research, pdf file on 230 pages by Petri Lankoski, Jussi Holopainen.
Design research, or design studies as it is also called, has been gaining momentum as a field of academic inquiry since the beginning of 20th century. Originally, design research focused on design methods and processes but it has moved to cover more varied research questions related to design. Current research topics include, for example, how to study design and what methods can be used to study design along with the more fundamental questions such as what is design in the first place and what kinds of knowledge design research produces. The topics of design research have also become more wide and varied with active research on architecture, information systems, product, service, graphic, and interaction design to name a few. Game design research, however, has received surprisingly little attention regardless of the large body of work in the more general design research.

The main aim of this book is to situate game design research within and alongside general design research.

Table of contents

  • Epistemological underpinnings of game design research
  • Multidisciplinary game design research
  • De-coding games through historical research in art and design
  • Investigating game design methods and models
  • Games design research through game design practice
  • Game design mise-en-scene practice
  • Gaps of uncertainty
  • Experimental game design
  • Going indie
  • Critical practices in game design
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Author(s): Petri Lankoski, Jussi Holopainen
Game Design Research

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