A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design

Download free course A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design, pdf file on 346 pages by by Thomas Ku?hne.

This book integrates the vital areas of object-orientation, functional programming, design patterns, and language design. The most important concepts from functional programming are captured with six design patterns: FUNCTION OBJECTS (Black-box behaviour parameterisation) LAZY OBJECTS (Evaluation-by-need semantics) VALUE OBJECTS (Immutable values) VOID OBJECTS (Abandoning null references) TRANSFOLD (Combining internal & external iteration) TRANSLATOR (Homomorphic mapping with generic functions). These patterns can be used with any object-oriented language to advance software design. The patterns form a system, i.e., a collaborating set of patterns.

In their "Related Patterns" sections the patterns refer to each other and to many other published design patterns. Each of the relevant areas (object-orientation, functional programming, design patterns) is introduced in the first part of the book. This part also compares the functional and object-oriented paradigms both in terms of concepts and on a calculus level. The second part presents the functional pattern system. This system should be beneficial to software practitioners since it integrates the functional paradigm into object-oriented software design. Hence, advantages which have been primarily available in functional languages can be used in object-oriented languages as well. Even when some functional concepts have been partially established in object-oriented software already, they can now be understood as specialised uses of more general function patterns. This practical aspect is complemented by a theoretical account of multi-paradigm language design. An evaluation of the pattern system for its implications on language design in the third part is concluded by proposing a new distribution of responsibilities between languages and their environments.

The book uses the Eiffel programming language to illustrate the patterns with running sample code. It includes a critical review of the Eiffel language in terms of its suitability as a functional pattern implementation language.

Table of contents

  • Foundation
  • Functional programming
  • Object-orientation
  • Calculus comparison
  • Conflict & Cohabitance
  • Design Patterns
  • Pattern System
  • Catalog
  • Function Object
  • Lazy Object
  • Value Object
  • Transfold
  • Void Value
  • Translator
  • Collaboration
  • Language design
  • Pattern Driven Language Design
Pages : 346
Size : 2.2 MB
File type : PDF
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Created: 2022-02-01
License: Open Publication License
Author(s): by Thomas Ku?hne
A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design

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