The Definitive Guide to Graph Databases

Download free course The Definitive Guide to Graph Databases, pdf file on 30 pages by Michael Hungers, Ryan Boyd, William Lyon.
For the right use case, relational databases are powerful tools.

But today's users are asking for more than an RDBMS can handle. More features, more data, more speed and - most importantly - more connections.

This ebook introduces you - the RDBMS developer - to a new technology that leverages data connections like never before: the graph database.

This definitive guide covers: Relational vs. graph data modeling; SQL vs. Cypher as query languages; RDBMS + graph deployment paradigms; And much more.

Table of contents

  • Why Relational Databases Aren't Always Enough
  • Why Graph Databases?
  • Data Modeling: Relational vs. Graph Models
  • Query Languages: SQL vs. Cypher
  • Importing Data: From RDBMS to Graph
Pages : 30
Size : 2.5 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 72
Created: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY-NC
Author(s): Michael Hungers, Ryan Boyd, William Lyon
The Definitive Guide to Graph Databases

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