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This document is an addition to the training book, it will introduce additions to the book highlighting the commands, keys and other information that the trainer believes helps the novice draftsman improve his performance with Autocad software.

The standard operations and the presentation of the Autocad software will not be repeated here, the student will rather take note of the training book given at the beginning of the course.
In this document the commands or variables in English will be identified as follows: (English words), consult the correspondence table of the reference manual for all the translations of the French - English commands; the commands will be identified by the use of the following form: 'COMMAND'. The keys displaying or controlling the behavior of the software have the following form {character combination}, the use of + means that you click on the two or three keys simultaneously.

The 'OPTIONS' command allows the customization of Autocad behavior, this will be seen in more detail later in the lesson.
The summary tables will be grouped at the end of the document for easy reference.
These are

  • Quick keys F
  • English and French shortcuts
  • Command procedures (grouped by operation mode)
  • (others to be defined according to the needs)


Command bar

The Control Bar, key {Ctrl + 9} if it inadvertently disappears, is at the bottom of the screen and displays the most recent commands, it can be enlarged by dragging the upper limit
up, personally I like to display at least 3 lines, some orders will use two lines for a single entry, so leaving it to 3 lines, we make sure to see the order at complete as well as the previous command, useful in order to trace what one has The {F2} key will display an enlarged version of the command bar, displaying more lines, one can 'maximize' it which facilitates the reading of the commands previous, still this is helpful
when you have to go up the flow of orders.
The command line can also be floating, using the {F12} key, this is the dynamic input mode, the floating bar follows the cursor and the data input can be done by entering the values in the illuminated field, the other fields are accessible using the {TAB} key.
With the {F12} key, in dynamic display Below in classic view, the control bar locked at the bottom of the screen, activated with the {Ctrl + 9} keys.

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