Download Cobol Tutorial in PDF

Table of contents

  • About
  • Getting started with cobol
  • Remarks
  • Standard Specification
  • Principal field of use
  • Category
  • Decimal Math
  • History
  • Structure
  • Data Descriptions
  • Procedural statements
  • Examples
  • Hello, world
  • Install gnu-cobol on Mac OS X
  • ACCEPT statement
  • Remarks
  • Examples
  • ACCEPT statement
  • ADD statement
  • Remarks
  • Examples
  • ADD statement
  • ALLOCATE statement
  • Remarks
  • Examples
  • ALLOCATE statement
  • ALTER statement
  • Remarks
  • Examples
  • A contrived example using ALTER
  • ACCEPT statement
  • ALLOCATE statement
  • CALL statement
  • COMMIT statement
  • CONTINUE statement
  • Data division
  • DISPLAY statement
  • EVALUATE statement
  • FREE statement
  • GnuCOBOL installation with GNU/Linux
  • GOBACK statement
  • IF statement
  • INITIATE statement
  • Intrinsic Functions
  • MOVE statement
  • OPEN statement
  • READ statement
  • REPLACE directive
  • REWRITE statement
  • SET statement
  • START statement
  • String
  • SUBTRACT statement
  • TERMINATE statement
  • UNSTRING statement
  • WRITE statement

It is a free Cobol ebook created for beginners. The content is extracted from Stack Overflow pltaform, which is written by many Cobol developers and contributors.

The content is released under Creative Commons BY-SA

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Downloads: 996
Created: 2019-05-02

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