A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography

Download free course A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography, pdf file on 900 pages by by Dan Boneh, Victor Shoup.
Cryptography is an indispensable tool used to protect information in computing systems. It is used everywhere and by billions of people worldwide on a daily basis. It is used to protect data at rest and data in motion. Cryptographic systems are an integral part of standard protocols, most notably the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, making it relatively easy to incorporate strong encryption into a wide range of applications.

While extremely useful, cryptography is also highly brittle. The most secure cryptographic system can be rendered completely insecure by a single specification or programming error. No amount of unit testing will uncover a security vulnerability in a cryptosystem.

Instead, to argue that a cryptosystem is secure, we rely on mathematical modeling and proofs to show that a particular system satisfies the security properties attributed to it. We often need to introduce certain plausible assumptions to push our security arguments through.

This book is about exactly that: constructing practical cryptosystems for which we can argue security under plausible assumptions. The book covers many constructions for different tasks in cryptography. For each task we define a precise security goal that we aim to achieve and then present constructions that achieve the required goal. To analyze the constructions, we develop a unified framework for doing cryptographic proofs. A reader who masters this framework will be capable of applying it to new constructions that may not be covered in the book.

Table of contents

  • Secret key cryptography
  • Introduction
  • Encryption
  • Stream ciphers
  • Block ciphers
  • Chosen plaintext attacks
  • Message integrity
  • Message integrity from universal hashing
  • Message integrity from collision resistant hashing
  • Authenticated encryption
  • Public key cryptography
  • Public key tools
  • Public key encryption
  • Chosen ciphertext secure public-key encryption
  • Digital signatures
  • Fast signatures from one-way functions
  • Elliptic curve cryptography and pairings
  • Post-quantum cryptography: lattices and isogenies
  • Analysis of number theoretic assumptions
  • Protocols
  • Protocols for identification and login
  • Identification and signatures from sigma protocols
  • Proving properties in zero-knowledge
  • Modern proof systems
  • Authenticated key exchange
  • Two-party and multi-party secure computation
  • Basic number theory
  • Basic probability theory
  • Basic complexity theory
  • Probabilistic algorithms
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Created: 2022-02-01
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Author(s): by Dan Boneh, Victor Shoup
A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography

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