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Exploring Microservices

Exploring Microservices

In the last few years, microservice-based architecture has become one of the hottest innovations in software and web development. By breaking down your applications into smaller microservices that work together, you can experience a more efficient workflow, enable easier communication between team members, and create a robust, scalable application that is easier to modify and that can handle points of failure without causing the whole app to collapse on itself. Exploring Microservices is a collection of hand-picked chapters that introduce the concept of microservices, detail what it means to build a microservice-structured application, and provide insights you need to start building your own. Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard, author of Microservices in .NET Core, has selected hands-on topics to show you where to begin in the world of microservices. You'll get an overview of microservices and how they collaborate through commands, queries, and events, and then you'll see what it takes to build your first Akka.NET application made with continuous delivery and microservices in mind. Other chapters delve into deployment and working with Docker containers, so you'll always be prepared for the best launch possible. Plus, you'll get a sample of some other Manning books you may want to add to your library.
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