Internet Firewall

Download free Computer Networking : Internet Firewall Tutorial, training course material, a PDF file on 6 pages by Rob Pickering.


The Firewall is a program or a hardware responsible for protecting you from outside world by controlling everything that happens, especially all  which must not pass between the Internet and the local network.

why a firewall?

  • Control:Manage outbound connections from the network local.
  • Security:Protect the internal network from outside intrusions .
  • Vigilance:Monitor / trace traffic between the LAN and Internet.

Course index

  • What a firewall does
  • Protocols: TCP/IP
  • How it Works
  • Simpler Requests: UDP
  • Types of Firewall
  • Determining Conversation Details
  • Packet Filter
  • Stateful Inspection
  • Network Address Translation
  • Limitations of NAT
  • Security Implications of NAT
  • Holes and Incoming Traffic
  • Application Proxies
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Typical Solution
  • Glossary
  • BSD
  • DMZ
  • IP
  • SMTP
  • TCP
  • UDP
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