Network Topologies

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The topology is a representation of a network. This representation can include the location of equipment (cables, posts, connectivity devices, ...), and we speak about 'physical topology' also it can include the course of information between different hardware, and it is called 'logical topology.' The logical topology determines how the stations sharing the medium and depends on the method of access to the network

Table of contents

  • What is a Topology?
  • Different Types of Topologies
  • Bus Topology
  • Star Topology
  • Ring Topology
  • Mesh Topology
  • Tree Topology
  • Hybrid Topology
  • Bus Topology
  • Advantages of Bus Topology
  • Disadvantages of Bus Topology


There are different ways to connect devices to each other. Depending on the geographical scope of equipment to connect, we speak about:

  • Local network or LAN (Local Area Network): used to connect computers and devices in the same room or even in the same building.
  • Wireless (WIFI) or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network): this is a network using WIFI technology, which can cover several tens of meters.
  • Metropolitan Network or MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): it covers an entire city.
  • WAN (Wide Area Network): It can cover a country, a continent, or the whole world. Internet is a WAN.

          There are also other methods. networks can be classified according to their type of use.

  • Intranet: This is an internal network to a business or organization, not being externally accessible by the public.
  • Extranet is an external network. Also referred extranet, pointing to the visible part of the network of a company or organization.
  • Internet: consolidation of all networks!
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