Microsoft Access 2013 course

Download free Microsoft Office Access 2013 file under 448 pages,step by step to learn Access and build your skills , course tutorial training on pdf by Joyce Cox and Joan Lambert.

This document is designated to beginning-level to intermediate-level computer users.

Table of content

  • Simple database techniques
  • Explore Microsoft Access 2013
  • Working with the ribbon
  • Sidebar: Adapting exercise steps
  • Working in the Access 2013 user interface
  • Create databases and simple tables
  • Create simple forms
  • Display data
  • Create simple reports
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Create queries
  • Create custom forms
  • Create custom reports
  • Import and export data
  • Importing from other Access databases
  • Importing from Excel worksheets
  • Importing from text files
  • Make databases user friendly
  • Protect databases
  • Work in Access more efficiently
Microsoft Access 2013 course
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