How to Install SQL Server 2008

With this tutorial you will learn step by step how to install SQL Server 2008 and how to check the correct configuration of the server.

Download free pdf training course in 32 page intended to beginners.

Table of contents

  • STEP 1 : Copy the installation files
  • STEP 2 : Setup.exe
  • STEP 3 : SQL Server Installation Center
  • STEP 5 (optional)
  • STEP 6 : Product key
  • STEP 7 : Licence Terms
  • STEP 8 : Setup Support Files
  • STEP 9 : Setup Support Rules
  • STEP 10 : Feature Selection
  • STEP 11 : Instance Configuration
  • STEP 12 : Disk Space Requirements
  • STEP 13 : Server Configuration
  • STEP 14 : Database Engine Configuration – Account Provision
  • STEP 15 : Database Engine Configuration – Data Directories
  • STEP 16 : Error Usage Reporting
  • STEP 16 : Installation Rules
  • STEP 17 : Ready to Install
  • Installation Progress
  • STEP 18 : Installation Complete
  • Top tips
  • How to check that SQL Server 2008 has installed correctly
  • Check 1: Has the SQL Server Service Started?
  • Check 2: Does Management Studio Work?
  • Check 3: Can you run a basic query against the new SQL Server
  • Check 4: Is SQL Server Agent Running?
  • Check 5: Can SQL Server be seen from the Network?
  • Check 6: Has the TCP/IP network protocol library been enabled on the server?
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