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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software product that integrates financial, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and marketing, project management, human resources, and services management information from across your organization, into a centralized database. It can take hours to browse through documentation and references available online to learn how to install, configure, deploy and administer Dynamics NAV. This book aims to offer quick-start information in one place. You will be amazed to find out how easily you can administer Dynamics NAV using this quick step-by-step guide. This book also has recommendations for software and hardware requirements including operating system considerations and hardware considerations for administering Dynamics NAV to your advantage. It covers some advanced functions to set up periodic activities, common batch jobs, and create object files. It will also guide you to secure your database by creating backups and improving performance with practical examples. First you will look at the considerations for deploying Dynamics NAV and best practices and the most important aspects of every ERP installation. Then you will install Dynamics NAV - client and server components and use Dynamics NAV with the Microsoft Stack. We discuss the Dynamics NAV Security Architecture including security recommendations and best practices. You will then create and restore backups. This book covers some recommendations about performance tuning - using appropriate code syntax, proper hardware sizing, and considerations for writing customized C/AL code while using SQL Server database. Finally, you will set up procedures for scheduling pre-defined reoccurring processes, error and exception handling procedures, and provide mechanisms for automatic data processing on the server. Also, you will learn different methods used in handling, promoting to the database, and creating object files - tables, reports, codeunits, forms, pages, dataports and XMLports.
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