MacOS beginners guide

This is a free MacOS PDF tutorial in 8 chapters and 31 pages. This course aims to give students the basics of MacOS concepts.

Table of contents

  • What Is macOS?
  • Setting Up Your New Mac
  • The Basics of Using macOS
  • Desktop and Menu Bar
  • The Dock
  • Finder
  • Spotlight
  • Applications
  • System Preferences
  • Notifications and Today Screen
  • Gestures and Navigation
  • AirPlay and AirDrop
  • Siri
  • Understanding iCloud and macOS
  • What Is iCloud?
  • Storage Space
  • iCloud on Mac
  • iCloudcom
  • Backups and Maintenance on macOS
  • macOS Updates
  • Backing Up With Time Machine
  • macOS Maintenance
  • Annual macOS Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting macOS Issues
  • Boot Modes
  • PRAM and SMC
  • Diagnostics and Fixing Your Mac
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File type : pdf
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Created: 2019-05-01

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