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MySQL is derived directly from Structured Query Language (SQL), which is a query language for databases that exploit the relational model. It uses the syntax but does not retain all the power since many features of SQL do not appear in MySQL (nested selections, foreign keys ...)

The MySQL database server is very often used with the language of creating dynamic web pages: PHP. It will be discussed here MySQL commands usable via PHP in the typical conditions of use in the context of the management of a personal site hosted free (for example on

This course (105 slides) will allow you to master the MySQL syntax and understand all the features. You will also have knowledge of PHP functions to make the best use of your database within your pages.

Manage your databases with MySQL

You have a lot of data to process and you want to organize it correctly, with a suitable tool? The databases have been created for you!

And especially MySQL, which is a Relational Database Management System (abbreviated RDBMS). That is to say a software that can manage databases, and therefore manage large amounts of information. It uses for this the language SQL. It is one of the most known and used RDBMS (Wikipedia and Adobe use for example MySQL).

MySQL can be used alone, but is mostly combined with another programming language: PHP for example for many websites, but also Java, Python, C ++, and many, many others.

To give you an idea of how to use MySQL, imagine that your animal breeder is asking you for a simple software to manage his critters. You know how to program in python and agree to help him in the hope of having a top gift for Christmas. A database will help you to remember that Poupouche the Poodle was born December 13, 2007, Sami the Persian has white hairs and Igor the turtle is the last representative of a super rare breed!

The design and use of databases is a broad topic, this course will address the basics needed to manage a simple database, namely:

  • Creating a database and tables needed for data management
  • Managing relationships between different tables in a database
  • Selection of data according to many criteria
  • Manipulation of data (modification, deletion, miscellaneous calculations)
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