Linux System Administrator Training Exercices PDF

Looking for a comprehensive guide to learning Linux system administration? Look no further than this instructor-led training book! Designed for novice system administrators and Linux enthusiasts, this book offers a hands-on approach to learning by encouraging readers to follow along on a working Linux computer. Each command is explained in detail, allowing you to practice and apply what you've learned immediately. While this book isn't an introduction to Linux desktop applications like text editors, browsers, mail clients, multimedia, or office applications, it's an ideal resource for those who want to dive deeper into understanding their Linux system. Home users and IT professionals alike will find this book to be informative and engaging.

Table of Contents

  • process management
  • signalling processes
  • practice : basic process management
  • solution : basic process management
  • process priorities
  • solution : background processes
  • disk management
  • disk devices
  • practice: hard disk devices
  • solution: hard disk devices
  • disk partitions
  • practice: partitions
  • solution: partitions
  • file systems
  • about file systems
  • practice: file systems
  • solution: troubleshooting tools
  • solution: uuid and filesystems
  • introduction to raid
  • hardware or software
  • raid levels
  • building a software raid array
  • practice: raid
  • solution: raid
  • logical volume management
  • introduction to lvm
  • manage volume groups
  • manage logical volumes
  • practice : lvm
  • solution : lvm
  • iSCSI devices
  • iSCSI Initiator RHEL/CentOS
  • practice: iSCSI devices
  • solution: iSCSI devices
  • starting and stopping daemons
  • scheduling
  • memory management
  • package management
  • package terminology
  • deb package management
  • apt-get
  • aptitude
  • downloading software outside the repository
  • practice: interface configuration
  • solution: binding and bonding
  • ssh client and server
  • about ssh
  • ssh-agent
  • practice: ssh
  • solution: ssh
  • introduction to nfs
  • client configuration
  • kernel management
  • the Linux kernel
  • disk quotas
  • About Disk Quotas
  • Practice Disk quotas
  • introduction to vnc
  • About VNC
  • VNC Server
  • VNC Client
  • Practice VNC
  • partition naming
  • iSCSI Target and Initiator practice
  • iSCSI Target and Initiator practice
  • systemd power management
  • Training Exercices


Pages : 385
Size : 3149.519 Kb
File type : pdf
Downloads: 135
Created: 2023-03-31
License: GNU Free Documentation License
Author(s): Paul Cobbaut

Looking to expand your knowledge of Linux system administration? Look no further than this comprehensive guide, which covers a wide range of topics, from process management and disk management to package management and kernel management. With detailed explanations and practical exercises, readers will gain a deep understanding of each topic, while also developing valuable hands-on experience. Whether you're a novice or an experienced Linux user, this guide has something for everyone, including practice exercises, solutions, and troubleshooting tools. So if you're ready to take your Linux skills to the next level, dive into this guide and start exploring the world of Linux system administration today!

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